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Dehydration & Extreme Heat

In order to stay healthy, our body temperature needs to stay at approximately 37⁰C. Usually, the body cools itself by sweating, which accounts for up to 80 percent of the body’s heat loss.

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Dehydration & Sport

Staying hydrated during sport: The interplay between dehydration and sport Dehydration refers to a state where there is an inadequate…

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Dehydration & Alcohol

Alcohol and dehydration: how does dehydration occur from excess alcohol? Excess alcohol consumption can cause dehydration in a variety of…

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Dehydration at work

Hydration in the workplace is an important concern, because dehydration can affect productivity, safety, health care costs and employee morale….

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Dehydration during travel

Dehydration and Travel: how does dehydration occur when travelling? Dehydration can occur more easily while you’re travelling for several reasons….

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About dehydration

What is dehydration? Dehydration occurs when the amount of water in your body is too low. Up to 75% of…

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